*Special* The UnAsked Question BOOK+ free CD

*Special* The UnAsked Question BOOK+ free CD

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For those of us who call Jesus our "Lord" it's time that we ask ourselves some sober-minded questions:

  • What kind of born-again experience do we actually have if it calls for almost no personal sacrifice?
  • Does our "regenerated life" exhibit any meaningful distinction from the world?
  • Do we find within ourselves any hatred of sin, or instead tolerance?

The Apostle Paul himself instructs us to "examine ourselves" to "test ourselves" to see if we really are in the faith. Thus, it's not only not legalism or condemnation to ask ourselves from time to time: "How 'saved' are we?" but rather it's essential to our spiritual well-being.

TO BE CLEAR, in no way can we be "good enough" to earn our salvation. Yet the American "gospel" that we've heard preached for years has tragically left many in a state of dangerous, blissful complacency that could one day result in a very rude awakening.

We are called to pursue Him, to seek Him, to call upon Him while He is near!  May these two resources move us to wholeheartedly do just that.

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