*Special!* Order "Outlasting the Gay Revolution" and get the Debate DVD FREE!

*Special!* Order "Outlasting the Gay Revolution" and get the Debate DVD FREE!

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 Dr. Brown has stated for years that while we must have compassion on the people, we must resist the agenda/activism with courage.

Yet far too many well-meaning, conservatives and Christians are confused as to how to best approach LGBT issues in modern times.

We must be intentional in our efforts to turn the tide.

Let us help equip you to boldly and winsomely stand up to the activism that is attempting to erode our religious liberties and indoctrinate an entire generation.

We want to put a copy of the book Outlasting the Gay Revolution into your hands (showing how the gay revolution is already a failure since it contains within itself the seeds of self-destruction) at a special free shipping* price!

PLUS with every book order, we are including a 2hr debate DVD of Dr. Brown and Harry Knox (then Director of Faith and Religion for the Human Rights Campaign - the world’s largest homosexual lobbying group) - FREE!!

The cultural battle is far from over. The rising attacks on our freedoms has started to awaken a sleeping giant.

Get a copy of Dr. Brown’s DVD debate: “A Christian Response to Homosexuality” for FREE, when you order the powerful book: "Outlasting the Gay Revolution" now!

The spiritual battle has just barely begun...


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