Messiah in Jewish Tradition SERIES [MP3 DISC]

Messiah in Jewish Tradition SERIES [MP3 DISC]


Get over 12 hours of Dr. Brown's teaching on Messiah in Jewish Tradition. To order the Digital Download of this teaching, click HERE

This Teaching Includes:

1) Introduction
2) The Inter-Testamental Literature
3) The Mishna & Targums
4) In the Targums (IS 53)
5) In the Talmud Part 1
6) In the Talmud Part 2
7) In the Midrash
8) The Suffering Messiah Part 1
9) The Suffering Messiah Part 2
10) Sa'adia Gaon & Moses Maimonides on Messiah
11) False Messiahs (Is. 53)
12) A Messianic Jewish Perspective

* Please note: With these live recordings, there are a few
select portions that are a little challenging to make out.
Instead of removing them entirely, we chose to include them for
the listener with the desire/ability to glean as much as possible.

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