*Special* Can You Be Gay and Christian? BOOK + 5 DVD SET

*Special* Can You Be Gay and Christian? BOOK + 5 DVD SET

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A battle is raging in churches today over questions of homosexuality and LGBT issues, and whole denominations, communities, and families have divided as a result.

But does God’s Word actually speak against homosexual practice in our times? Would Jesus accept homosexual men and women as they are without trying to change them?

Many Christians are now confused, especially in this younger generation.

To help address this and equip believers, we have combined two comprehensive resources -- providing you with sound, biblical understanding for today, while demonstrating the biblical approach to LGBT friends, neighbors, and loved-ones.

Get the 'Can You Be Gay and Christian?' BOOK + 'Can You Be Gay and Christian?' 5 DVD-SET (including the full-length debate with gay activist Harry Knox) on special for a limited time!


1. Love Does No Harm to Its Neighbor

2. To Judge or Not to Judge?

3. The Bible is a Heterosexual Book

4. Levitical Laws & the Meaning of To’evah

5. What Did Jesus Say About Homosexuality?

6. The Healing of the Centurion’s Servant

7. The Apostle Paul and Homosexuality

8. Balancing Grace AND Truth

(And much more)

It’s time that God’s people brought truth into the light -- learning to extend the transforming love of God to the world around us.

Reach out and resist.

Reach out to people with compassion. Resist the agenda with courage.

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