4 DVD SET! Israel Now Conference "For Such A Time As This"



4 DVD Set    10 Sessions    Over 7 hrs

WAKE UP AMERICA! The relatively peaceful existence we have known in America is rapidly becoming a sweet memory of the past. We are now living in unprecedented times of lawlessness, persecution, disaster, and worldwide terrorism – first prophesied in the book of Isaiah almost 3,000 years ago. Find out how to not just survive, but thrive during these difficult times.

WHY DOES ISRAEL MATTER? The nation of Israel, consisting of both Jews and Arabs, is God’s prophetic timepiece. She is the epicenter of all of human and biblical history: past, present, and future. Find out why she continues to be central to the times in which we are living, and discover how that plays out in our daily lives.

WHAT ARE OUR GOD-APPOINTED CALLINGS? What does it mean to be “called out” as believers during these times? How are we called to live and what are we called to do?

  • Dr. Michael Brown

  • Dr. Erez Soref

  • Ray Comfort

  • Tom Doyle

  • Anne Graham Lotz

  • Ron Cantor

  • Atty. Dean Broyles

  • Safeeya

For Such a Time as This was birthed from an understanding that there is a sense of urgency in the body of Christ to truly understand the days in which we are living, as well as our calling in regards to Israel and America in these times.

Our goal is for both churches and individual believers to stand together to not only support Israel, but become spiritually girded and prepared for what the near future may bring as believers.


Note:  Dr. Brown's 2 sessions on "Anti-Semitism"
and "What's the Big Deal About the Land?"
have ALSO been made available as separate DVDs 

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