*Special* Spirit-Led Life & Ministry COMBO "2 SERIES-for-1"

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There has always been significant interest regarding the Spirit and the prophetic. Sadly, as a result, there often tends to be a mixture of fact and fiction, truth and error.

Cut through all the fluff and enrich yourself in this content that will deepen your walk with the Lord and your impact on others.


For a limited time, this combo is available to you consisting of 20 full-length teaching sessions from Dr. Brown’s Prophets & Prophetic Ministry AND How to be Led by the Spirit series!


At a glance, here's a taste of what you'll get in each session:


How to be Led by the Spirit:

1)  The Holy Spirit Has a Voice
2)  Don't Grieve the Holy Spirit
3)  Dreams, Visions, & the Inner Man
4)  Building Up the Inner Man
5)  Guidelines for Guidance
6)  God's Stop Signs
7)  The Purpose of the Gifts
8)  Fanning Into Flames the Gifts


Prophets & Prophetic Ministry:

1)  Introduction to the Prophetic Ministry
2)  Recipient of Revelation
3)  Predictor and Reprover
4)  Called, Commissioned, & Compelled
5)  The Burden of the Prophet
6)  The Power of Prophetic Words
7)  False Prophecy
8)  Evaluating the Prophetic Word
9)  Purposes of Prophetic NT Prophecy
10)  Personal Prophecy
11)  Three-Fold Vision (1)
12)  Three-Fold Vision (2)


How to Be Led by the Spirit, provides you with clear and practical teaching on how you can learn to recognize and respond to the Spirit’s leading.

Prophets & Prophetic Ministry sets out to answer many of the questions that believers have been asking for some time.  As a biblical scholar, Dr. Brown dives into the Old and New Testaments and explains the true role of Prophets & Prophetic Ministry.