*Special!* Revolution BOOK + SERIES!

*Special!* Revolution BOOK + SERIES!

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Bundling​ Dr. Brown’s in-depth Revolution! teaching series (MP3 audio disc) and hard-hitting book, Revolution! A Call to Holy War with 50% OFF!

This teaching is not a call for violence, nor for one to take up arms. It’s not even a call for political activism in and of itself.

This is a call to something more extreme: a call to live out the gospel with all of its radical claims; to prophetically impact this generation with the message of transformational repentance; and to spark the most sweeping countercultural movement in our nation’s history!



Please note: These tracks were originally recorded a number of years ago, back before key advancements in audio technology.  Due to the invaluable and timeless nature of this series, we have enhanced the quality as best as we can. However, please be advised that vintage audio remains on a different level than recordings of today, and may require more careful listening at some points. Thank you for your understanding.

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