*Grace Special* HYPER v TRUE?

*Grace Special* HYPER v TRUE?


 Has God Already Forgiven Our Future Sins?
Should Believers Confess Their Sins to God?
Is Spirituality Effortless?
Why Are We Running From the Words of Jesus?


As Dr. Brown travels the world, he is asked time and time again, “Will you address the issue of hyper-grace?”

To get a thorough, biblical answer, we recommend two resources that expose the deadly pitfalls of grace-with-mixture, while revealing the beauty and power of God’s true grace!

This Special Resource Offer combines the book Hyper-Grace, with Dr. Brown’s audio teaching, True Grace -- while supplies last!

In speaking of Hyper-Grace, Steve Hill said, “You, the reader, are the deciding jury; Dr. Brown is the attorney; and this book is his captivating argument. When the last word is read the verdict will be clear: God’s grace will have been defined and defended.”

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