*Special* The Prophetic Mind

*Special* The Prophetic Mind

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For those who are hungering for a greater anointing of the Spirit (not just to pray, to preach, to move in the prophetic, etc. but an anointing to think supernaturally), we want to put Dr. Brown’s DVD ‘Minds on Fire’ AND the commentary on the prophet Jeremiah - into your hands.

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The book of Jeremiah is the longest book in the Bible -- highest word count of them all.

Other than a superscription in the beginning of the book, there are no dates for the first 20 chapters. So, when reading this prophetic book, you must be able to put it in context in order to actually grasp what is being said. 


In a really good month, Dr. Brown could get 2 chapters worth of commentary completed, yet because of his loaded schedule, on many occasions, only one chapter was able to be written. He was falling behind significantly (sure to miss the firm deadline).

As he struggled to get his arms around this biblical book, he was feeling the weight of the entire project. Then came a 3 week period when his schedule slowed down significantly. One day while at a restaurant, something supernatural happened.

As Dr. Brown recounts, “My brain felt bionic and it was as if I could see the whole book of Jeremiah right before my eyes.” He grabbed a napkin and furiously started taking notes. He saw connection after connection between phrases, passages, and verses.


Over a month’s time, he was able to accomplish a year’s worth of commentary work!

He wrote one chapter roughly every two days. Biblical insights and connections seemed to be jumping off the page. It was a truly unique, focused, Spirit-anointed time!

After that time, Dr. Brown's normal pace resumed, and he finished; submitting the manuscript for the Jeremiah Commentary right on time. All thanks be to God!


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The Spirit and the mind are not enemies. This is true because everything we are called to do, we are called to do by the Spirit.

This includes THINKING!

Dr. Brown’s ‘Minds On Fire’ message lays out the biblical mandate to have God anoint our minds.

He also recounts other real-life examples (in addition to the account of this Jeremiah commentary) where the Lord touched his mind and enabled him 'supernaturally' to think.


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Dr. Brown’s Commentary on the Book of Jeremiah consists of 550 pages. Plus the commentaries on Ezekiel and Lamentations are also included, which totals over 900 pages in this large, hardcover book! 


One reviewer had this to say,


“Brown brings an (unfortunately) rare threefold dimension into the wide world of commentaries (and how thankful we should be that he brings it!); namely, the combination of extensive OT scholarly insight and understanding, a very readable and clear text, all driven and undergirded by a Jeremianic spirit and burden in his own life and ministry.


"That is a rare combination indeed, and this makes it a necessity for your personal library! I commend it heartily. Get the commentary, and journey with Dr. Brown into the world of the prophet; into the burden of the Lord, into the piercing word of repentance, into the prayerful tears for the redemption of a nation, and into the hope and joy of promises from a covenant-keeping God.

"It will put you in touch with a solid exegesis of the text, insight into the thought and background of the man Jeremiah, and enlarge your heart's desire for mercy to be poured out upon Israel, your own nation, and the nations of the world.”


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