*Special* The Authentic Church Must Rise - 2 BOOK COMBO

*Special* The Authentic Church Must Rise - 2 BOOK COMBO

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As Dr. Brown has said for years, his main concern is not with the presence of darkness but the absence of light.

If God’s people would get their houses in order, the state of the nation would be significantly impacted.


The key is that we must stop looking externally for the problem and begin to look internally. We can’t control how others live, but we can control how we live.


Here are two books that will challenge you to be honest with yourself while provoking you to go deeper with the Lord.


- - - - - 

Revolution in the Church looks at the need for a spiritual revolution not only in the world but also in the church.


Erroneous practices and even popular beliefs are exposed, while challenging you to make the radical transformations needed to become the kind of church described in the scriptures.

Dr. Brown also explores the biblical pattern of leadership, what is and is not cult-like, the meaning of true discipleship, the Jewish roots of our faith, and other provocative issues facing the Church today.



- - - - -

The End Of The American Gospel Enterprise was Dr. Brown’s first book written on revival in 1989, and remains extremely relevant for this present generation.

Of the book, the late Leonard Ravenhill had said,

“I recommend that this book be read publicly, two chapters at a time without comment, in the mid-week service of every evangelical church in the nation. If they will do that in each church, it could shake the whole country.”

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